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Saichem Coatings Private Ltd, initially incorporated as Sai Enterprises in the year 1995, offers corrosion protection solutions and special welding consumables for industrial applications.

In 2002, Saichem started to customise and develop coating systems specifically designed to suit the client’s requirements.

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Welding in space was first attempted in 1969 by Russian cosmonauts.

950 man-hours are spent on welding and fabrication for each race car, hundreds of parts are hand-cut, welded and machined from the chassis and suspension to the drivetrain.

The earliest recorded welds occured in 3500 B.C. the bronze age. pictures of welders and their ancient tools have been discovered in long-sealed egyptian tombs!.

2 out of 3 welding jobs are in manufacturing.

Nearly half of industries report difficulties locating qualified individuals with welding expertise from apprentice welders to engineers.

55% of welders work a standard 40-hour work week in shifts of 8 to 12 hours. Depending in the project. Welders may work overtime. putting in upto 70 hours per week.

Welding Today..

Welding, the only method that can be used in space as well as underwater, will be fuelled by strong growth over the medium and long term 

Being the most economical and effective method of joining metals, welding plays a vital role in improving the life of manufactured products. Welding is the only method that can be used in space as well as underwater. The global market of welding industry is expected to grow at a considerable rate throughout the estimated period.With the increased application of robotics in welding industries, the robot welding segment is predicted to witness double digit growth in the near future. Welding is used in more and more industries, from the tallest skyscraper to the automotive industry. Typically, welding involves human judgment, more so than in any other machine operation. The Indian welding industry is dominated by the use of manual welding equipment. However, this situation is expected to change as several industries have started demanding automated equipment to support higher productivity.

Fragmented market

The Rs. 1,000-crore welding equipment market in India is very fragmented and dominated by low priced local manufacturers of welding transformers and welding rectifiers. Organised sector’s market share of around 45-50 per cent is shared by Esab, Ador, AdorFontech, Memco, Warpp, SigmaWeld, Panasonic, Kemppi, Lincoln, Miller etc. “The competition is expected to become more and more fierce in these segment with international brands putting up their manufacturing facilities in India, and simultaneously Indian major place importing welding inverters from China,” emphasises Nimesh Chinoy, Marketing Director (SigmaWeld), Electronic Devices.

Driving growth

India is considered as one of the most potential markets for welding products. The welding equipment market is solely proportional to the growth of the fabrication industries, which consist of automobile, construction equipment, transport, power and other core industrial sectors. “While there are ample scopes for the technology improvement segment including automation of welding, other sectors are really struggling to sustain its growth parameter due to present economic and Forex situation in India,” says Subhrajyoti Mukhopadhyay, Managing Director, Automation India Welding Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Negative growth

Welding equipment market has been stagnating for last 2 years. In the current financial year, there is no indication of any positive trigger for industry growth. Mr Chinoy adds, “Market is likely to show negative growth of 10-20 per cent. All the growth drivers like decline in GDP, negative growth in manufacturing sector — especially in automobile industry, heavy engineering, ship building and transportation, power sector and infra projects — are the areas of concern and don’t indicate any sign of improvement or positive trigger in coming months.”

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